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Electronic Flyers for Parents


To report your child's absence:  sick-child-2irxqko.png

Please call 606-4706 and then press #2

Para reportar la ausencia de su hijo/a: 

Favor de llamar al 606-4706 y oprime #2


Coffee Corner

There will not be a January meeting

February 24


Quad Area (weather permitting) or

Staff Room

Join Mrs. Helsley for coffee/muffins.

This is an informal time with the principal to share ideas, concerns, questions and thoughts.


March 17,

April 14, May 12

Spirit Assemblies

 Next Assembly

January 20, 2017

8:45 & 9:25am


December 9, 2016

Alex Avila, Jaden Martin, Claire Verceles, Nathan Graber, Tyler Lahowe, Olivia Lollini, Sirat Thind, Daniel De la Cruz, Noor Aly, Jose Jimenez, James Storm, Braiden Weber, Earl Stacy, Brooke Kor, Diego Valverde, Katie Bier, Savannah Purves, Robbie Torres, Gavin Day, Sara Speroni, Analysa Briseno, Sean Wayman, Andrew Arante, Daniela Resendiz, Ryder Statz, Dani Labrado, Payton Gemberling, Emma Kozak, Imani Prior, Aiden Bluford, Allie Halfon, Adriana Mosby, Daniela Brown, Christina Tham, Kymber Dao, Sincere Butler, Sarina Battisti, Deegan Harris, Annabelle Bettencourt, Miriam Quraishi, Madison Murray, Zarah Lugosi, Ocean Stanley, Sabrina Murray, Zena Aly, Abby Fung, Leila Torres, Mason Pappas, Chloe Okland


February 17, March 24,

April 28, May 26

AR Assembly

November 4, 2016

150 – Gold Medal

Audrey Boyd, Nicholas Cheng, Aurelia Correa, Grace Jeon, Brooke Kor, Madison Russ, Joseph Spinka, Justin Yeo

100 – Silver Medal

Audrey Boyd, Diego Chauca, Nicholas Cheng, Aurelia Correa, Milo Hoppenbrouwers, Claire Jackson, Grace Jeon, Brooke Kor,  Kevin Kovacs, Madison Russ, Joseph Spinka, Matthew Stahl, JJ Verceles, Jr., Justin Yeo

50 – Bronze Medal

Elham Amiri, Riley Bellmer, Audrey Boyd, Cameron Caley, Katana Canright, Diego Chauca, Nicholas Cheng, Aurelia Correa, Cameron Croll, Milo Hoppenbrouwers, Claire Jackson, Grace Jeon, Brooke Kor, Kevin Kovacs, Tyler Lahowe, Ryan Loder, Brenda Loza, Alondra Martinez, Cian McClelland-Bane, Melanie Mekeres, Sabrina Murray, Harbin Mushiana, Shelby Pagel, Tyrese Quinto, Madison Russ, Shelby Sandford, Joseph Spinka, Matthew Stahl, Ocean Stanley, Kendra Steinhorst, Jade Torres, JJ Verceles, Jr., Grant Weber, Donovan Woll, Justin Yeo


Isabella Ahmadi, Ebere Aladi , Zena Aly, Elham Amiri, Alyssa Avila, Riley Batteate, Riley Bellmer, Eli Borgna, Audrey Boyd, Jake Bradley, Cameron Caley, Katana Canright, Claudia Cayado, Diego Chauca, Nicholas Cheng, Aidan Cherry, Connor Chu, Aurelia Correa, Cameron Croll, Colton Crouch, Trevor Crouch, Kate Ellsworth, Brianna Frutos, Madelyn Funk, Josh Graber, Nathan Graber, Addyson Gundry, Kaleb Hanby, Josephine Harrison, Alexander Hawkins, Jaiden Hilliard, Lucas Hoppenbrouwers, Milo Hoppenbrouwers, Ryan Irwin, Luke Jackson, Claire Jackson, Grace Jeon, Abigail Kirchner, Brooke Kor, Kevin Kovacs, Tyler Lahowe, Ryan Loder, Brenda Loza, Alondra Martinez, Vanessa Martinez, Isabella Mateo, Cian McClelland-Bane, Gabriela Mekeres, Julia Mekeres, Melanie Mekeres, Madison Moore, Sabrina Murray, Harbin Mushiana,  Gregory Newton, Veeda Nezami, Francis Nguyen, Shelby Pagel, James Passmore, Grace Phillips, Tyrese Quinto, Kaylee Rosingana, Madison Russ, Juliet Salgado-Garcia, Shelby Sandford, Gabi Sands, Maile Silva, Chandler Smoak, Joseph Spinka, Matthew Stahl, Ocean Stanley, Kendra Steinhorst, Nathan Thompson, Jade Torres, JJ Verceles, Jr., Grant Weber, Hartley Weichert, Donovan Woll, Justin Yeo, Sophia Zepeda


February 10, April 21 & May 2

Croce Spelling Bee

Croce’s Annual Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday, January 11, 2017.  It was attended by 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes, families and District Office Administrators.  Fourteen 4th and 5th grade spellers participated in the Bee. 

Ebere Aladi, a 4th grader is Ms. Holck’s class, is the winner of the Spelling Bee, with her winning word of “dandruff”.  Luke Jackson, a 5th grader in Mrs. Valverde’s class, and Gia Paul, a 4th grader in Ms. Santin’s class, are the second and third place winners.  The Spelling Bee lasted 18 rounds, with a total of 125 words spelled!  All three will continue to the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District’s Spelling Bee on February 1st.  Ebere will represent Croce at the KPIX & KCBS’ Written Spelling Bee on February 11th.  We are very proud of all of our Spelling Bee Cheetahs!

Croce’s 2017 Spelling Bee Participants and Alternates 

Mrs. Atkinson  5th grade:  Nathan Thompson, J.J. Verceles, Tyler Lahowe (alternate)                                                

Mr. Lockhart  5th grade:  Dylan Hessler, Kaylee Rosingana, Francis Nguyen (alternate)                                            

Mrs. Valverde  5th grade:  Andrew Arante, Luke Jackson, Jaiden Hilliard (alternate)                                             

Ms. Anaya  4th grade:  Hartley Weichert, Nathan Graber, Angelina Bhatia (alternate)                                            

Ms. Holck  4th grade:  Caleb Park, Ebere Aladi,                      Kaleb Hanby (alternate)

Mrs. Lockhart  4th grade:  Trevor Crouch, Justin Yeo,        Jake Bradley (alternate)                                                

Ms. Santin  4th grade:  Malana Island, Gia Paul,                       Kerigan Coates (alternate) 

TK/Kindergarten Parent Night

Parents of 2017/18 TK/Kindergarten students
California has changed the date for kindergarten eligibility. Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2017 to register for Kindergarten. LVJUSD will offer a transitional kindergarten program for those students who turn 5 years between September 2, 2017 and December 2, 2017.

Parents are highly encouraged to attend one of the four scheduled informational meetings

to learn about the registration process, a typical Kindergarten day, and current information about the Transitional Kindergarten program. We have scheduled four dates and locations to meet your needs.

Parent registration flyer


A Fun Day with Mrs. Helsley

By Jenna Kellogg

It was cool being a principal on December 21, 2016.  I had a walkie-talkie with my name on it, in case someone needed help.  There was a basket of surprises and treats, including business cards with my name on them, some candy, and coupons for eating out.  I even earned a PTA Ice Cream punch card!  I got to lock up the gates with Mr. Armando.  Then Mrs. Helsley and I visited classrooms.  All the classrooms we visited were doing special things about Christmas, like making nutcrackers, wrapping presents for parents, and doing word searches about Christmas things.  In every class, the kids were participating and working well together.  We visited the teachers who participated in the Riddle of the Day contest and handed out their candy cane and snowman treats; it was fun!  Miss Kristine’s preschoolers were hitting a piñata on the playground.  They knocked a hole in the piñata pretty early, so candy kept falling out.  Miss Kristine held the piñata, and a student almost hit her by accident. 

After recess, we took a coffee (cocoa) break and prepared to read a story later in the day.  We checked on emails.  There were a TON of emails!  We visited the cafeteria.  Lots of students needed help with opening their food.  Then it was time for MY lunch. It was good; thank you to the people in the office for getting that for me!  Mrs. Helsley says sometimes principals don’t get a lunch, so this was a lucky day!  We talked with a Kindergartener, and reminded her of the rules: keep your hands to yourself.  I walked her back to class and helped her apologize to her friend.

Then we were off to Mrs. Weber’s class, my 2nd grade teacher, where I read It’s Christmas, David! by David Shannon.  The kids liked the book; they laughed at one of the pictures a lot.  We stopped by my 3rd grade classroom to give my friends treats and take a picture.  My friends were surprised that I was Principal of the Day.  Then, we went out to the playground to watch the 4th and 5th graders play.  The day was almost over.  Miss April in the office needed my help.  We took books to Ms. Aguiar’s class.  Finally, it was 1:30 and time to go home.  It was fun being Principal for a Day, but I’m not sure I want to do this when I grow up.  It’s a lot of work!

science odyssey


2017 Science Odyssey

Register by January 17, 2017

Online registration information

Parent Resources

dad's football game

Are you ready for some football???

Calling all Croce Dad's!  It's that time of year again...time to take back our trophy.  If you are a current Croce dad and would like to play on our Croce Dad's Football team in the annual Super Saturday football game against Altamont Creek on Saturday, February 4, 2017, then please email Lisa Valverde at mrsvalverde@yahoo.com.  Remember the kids LOVE to see their dads on the field.

Thank you!


Livermore Valley Joint USD is excited to announce the launch of our new online Volunteer Database. 

Please go to our LVJUSD Volunteer website at


to complete your application and create a Volunteer account.

Campus safety

To help ensure our students’ safety, all exterior gates are closed during school hours.  Once the day has begun, all visitors need to enter campus through the front office.  Gates will be opened again just prior to dismissal times.  Please help us by keeping gates closed.


Parking lot/drop off—a reminder that the back parking circle is for PRESCHOOL DROP-OFF ONLY.  This area must be kept clear for the bus and parent traffic at both arrival and dismissal times.  All TK-5 students must be dropped off in the front parking areas.  Remember, we have valet parking to assist students out of cars near the Kindergarten area.  TK/K students are escorted to their play areas from valet.  Please use the appropriate drop-off areas to keep our students safe.


Thank you for helping to protect our students and minimizing disruption by following these procedures.

CHEETAH UPDATE cheetah paws.gif

Principal's Message:

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. ---Joseph Addison

At long last, the dark chilly mornings, and cool evenings tell us fall has arrived.  With the shorter days and colder temperatures come opportunities to enjoy indoor activities more.  This is the perfect time to curl up and read!

Why should we read?  Reading is at the very core of education.  Knowing how to read allows a child to learn in all other subjects.  Reading increases knowledge, longer time spent in school, and therefore higher earning potential.  Studies also show that 60% of prison inmates cannot read, or read very poorly.  There is also a strong correlation between better readers and better health.  Good readers are less likely to become smokers, more likely to have health care, and generally make better, more informed, life decisions.  Good reading skills are one of the strongest factors in avoiding a life of poverty. 

When should we read?  Research tells us reading for 20 minutes 4-5 times a week builds stronger reading skills.  Reading, whether reading silently to oneself, reading aloud, or listening to someone read, builds a child’s vocabulary skills.  Vocabulary influences a child’s IQ, or learning potential.  During the school day, students have opportunities to learn the skills of reading; however, with all the subjects teachers must teach, there is not sufficient time to practice reading.  This is why it is so important for families to partner with schools in providing reading time at home.  Just as you would need regular practice to become more skilled at a sport, good readers come from regular time practicing the skill of reading.

Reading and TV—With cooler weather, all of us can be tempted to sit in front of a TV (or video game, or computers) more hours each week.  Studies show significant concerns about large amounts of TV viewing and reading/learning challenges.  A study by Seattle Children’s Hospital shows for each hour of daily TV viewing by a child, the risk of developing ADHD by age 7 increases by 10%.  Statistics also show 59% of children aged two and younger watch TV or DVDs daily.  TVs can be found in 43% of children’s bedrooms by age six.    For students with TVs in bedrooms, reading scores go down by 8% points and math scores by 10%.  The statistics are even more concerning when you factor in video games and computers in their rooms.  This issue is less about WHAT children watch, though that is a factor, by more about what is NOT being done during passive TV viewing time:  games not played, chores not done, drawing not done, hobbies not worked on, or books not read.  Up to 10 hours of selective viewing a week shows no impact on learning, but after this amount, there is a negative effect.  One way TV can help students read? Do what families in Finland do; turn on the closed captions for your favorite shows!  Finnish students have the highest reading scores of any country in the world.

For more facts about the overall decrease in reading time, read this brochure by Jim Trelease.  Jim Trelease is the author of Read Aloud Handbook, now in its sixth printing.  In recent goal-setting conferences, students have personalized reading goals.  This is a great opportunity to build their skills and enthusiasm for reading by making reading a priority at home.  Your children will benefit, both now and for years to come!

With children in mind,

Kendra L. Helsley

Today: 1/16/17



12: Student Council Mtg., 2:50pm

13: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

16: MLK Jr., Holiday

18: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

      PTA Dine Out (TBD)

20: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

      Spirit Assemblies, 8:45 & 9:25am

23: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

25: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

26: PTA Mtg., 7pm

27:  Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

       Family Night Art Cultural

           Dessert, 6pm

30: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

      SSC Mtg., 3pm

30-Feb. 3: Diversity Week

31: TK/K Parent Mtg. for 2017/18, 6pm


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