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Electronic Flyers for Parents


To report your child's absence:  sick-child-2irxqko.png

Please call 606-4706 and then press #2

Para reportar la ausencia de su hijo/a: 

Favor de llamar al 606-4706 y oprime #2


Principal Coffee

April 15, 2016


Staff Room

Join Mrs. Helsley for coffee/muffins.

This is an informal time with the principal to share ideas, concerns, questions and thoughts.

Spirit Assemblies

 Next Assembly

April 29, 2016

8:45 & 9:25am

Students of the Month

March 25, 2016

Leah Kirchner, Clark Canfield, Katie Aguiar, Katie Langendorff, Destiny Diaz, Vivian Parsons, Nathan Esquivel, Jaylinn Cordero Pacheco, Keaton Pritchett, Felicity Hanh-Nguyen, Kaylyn Williams, Jobert Verceles, Jose Ortiz, Austin Murray, Savannah Dalusong, Claire Johnson, Nathan Thompson, Abby Kirchner, Audrey Boyd, Donavan Torres, Gavin Day, Ella Parsons, Mahitab Singh, Alyse Woodland, Aarna Patil, Zoltan Filep, Emron Moosayer, Areli Buenrostro, Jaiyla Hughes, Liam Garcia, Nathanael Bibiano, Emma Kozak, Annabelle Bettencourt, Cooper Sandford, Ryan Irwin, Jade Torres, Cheyenne Hartel, Tariq Bacchus, Willow McConkey, Justyne Soleta, Jade Cutchen, Justina Cutchen, Jenna Kellogg, Grace Phillips, Tallulah McDonald, Alanna Berglund, Adrian Casillas, Riley Bellmer


Grades 3 - 8 state testing information

Please see the attached link regarding information about CAASPP testing for grades 3 - 8.

CAASPP Parent Notification letter 2015-2016 for website Grades 3 to 8.pdf

Testing Schedule

Week of May 2: 5th grade

Week of May 9: 4th grade

Week of May 16: 3rd grade



5th grade only

Week of May 9


Livermore Valley Joint USD is excited to announce the launch of our new online Volunteer Database. 

Please go to our LVJUSD Volunteer website at


to complete your application and create a Volunteer account.

Kudos to Croce Custodians!

March 16, the staff and students at Croce took time to say a special “Thank you” to our amazing custodians, Armando Martinez, Bobby Cayabyab, and Michael Bumanlag.  This hard-working crew makes sure our classrooms, restrooms, offices and meeting rooms are kept clean and safe.  They attend to the outside facilities as well.  In addition, they are always ready to help a teacher fix things, help students get into classrooms when they’ve left homework inside, and set up and take down for the many assemblies and special events on campus.  And this is only SOME of what they do!  We honored them with a collection of thank you notes from students which were bound into books.  Staff prepared special treats, and left surprise notes and thank you posters in the classrooms.  We also tried extra hard to clean up after ourselves so their cleaning work was a little easier on their special day.  Thank you, to our wonderful crew; we couldn’t teach and learn without you!

Campus safety

To help ensure our students’ safety, all exterior gates are closed during school hours.  Once the day has begun, all visitors need to enter campus through the front office.  Gates will be opened again just prior to dismissal times.  Please help us by keeping gates closed.


Parking lot/drop off—a reminder that the back parking circle is for PRESCHOOL DROP-OFF ONLY.  This area must be kept clear for the bus and parent traffic at both arrival and dismissal times.  All TK-5 students must be dropped off in the front parking areas.  Remember, we have valet parking to assist students out of cars near the Kindergarten area.  TK/K students are escorted to their play areas from valet.  Please use the appropriate drop-off areas to keep our students safe.


Thank you for helping to protect our students and minimizing disruption by following these procedures.

croce yearbook

Croce Yearbook order




If anyone would like to order a previous years yearbook, they are available at this link. 

CHEETAH UPDATE cheetah paws.gif

Principal's Message:

As educators, we strive every day to instill the love of learning into our students.  When we create lifelong learners, we have succeeded.  The staff at Croce demonstrate this value as well, by routinely participating in professional development opportunities.  We are fortunate to have a highly veteran, experienced staff, teachers who have a wealth of training and expertise. Additionally, we have the support of technical experts from the district which continue to provide training and coaching in the areas of technology and writing instruction using the Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study curriculum.  Our teachers also work collaboratively on a weekly basis to examine our teaching and student performance.  I would like to highlight two specific forms of professional development our teachers are using this year to continually improve our practice: Instructional Rounds and Lesson Study.

Instructional Rounds are based on the model of Medical rounds, where teams visit patients and review cases with the goal of improved patient care.  In the educational realm, cross-grade teams visit all classrooms to observe instruction and gather data around a particular practice or instructional methodology.  The teams then summarize that data and share the results with the whole staff, including possible next steps to strengthen our practice and improve learning.  This is a non-evaluative process, where peers learn from and support each other.  This year, we will hold Rounds four times, looking at the practice of having students speak in complete sentences and strategies teachers use to check for understanding.  Both of these are high-impact methods for strengthening students’ writing and acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

As we have continued our work with Calkins’ writing, we continue to improve our instruction with this challenging and engaging writing curriculum.  We are pleased to continue to work with our District writing coaches to strengthen our skills.  Grade level teams are implementing Lesson Study.  This process originated in Japan, where teams of teachers collaboratively plan a lesson.  They then present the lesson to their students while their teammates observe and give feedback.  We have employed this approach two different times this year, focusing on a common writing lesson and evaluating its effectiveness by examining student work.  It is our goal to build our capacity in this strategy as one way of supporting each other in all academic areas.

This approach to professional learning is complex and requires a great deal of commitment on the part of our teachers.  I have been impressed with our staff, their ability to embrace new ideas, ask challenging questions, and continually support one another in our shared vision of improved outcomes for all students.  These models also require teachers to be away from their classrooms at times, which is not something we take lightly.  However, we are already seeing the benefits for our students in improved teaching and learning.  Teaching is a challenging profession, one that requires staff to continually learn new research and techniques.  Sir Ken Robinson, in his TED Talk from 2013, sums it up nicely: “Part of education is learning.  And what drives learning is curiosity and collaboration.”

With children in mind,

Kendra L. Helsley

Today: 4/29/16


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