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Electronic Flyers for Parents


To report your child's absence:  sick-child-2irxqko.png

Please call 606-4706 and then press #2

Para reportar la ausencia de su hijo/a: 

Favor de llamar al 606-4706 y oprime #2


Livermore Valley Joint USD is excited to announce our online Volunteer Database. 

Please go to our LVJUSD Volunteer website at




to complete your application and create a Volunteer account.


Coffee Corner

May 12, 2017


Quad Area (weather permitting) or

Staff Room

Join Mrs. Helsley for coffee/muffins.

This is an informal time with the principal to share ideas, concerns, questions and thoughts.

Spirit Assemblies

 Next Assembly

April 28, 2017

8:45 & 9:25am


March 24, 2017

Sean Hutchenson, Brooklyn Fowler, Riley Gunderson, Juliet Garcia, Jennifer Friday, JJ Verceles, Jaycen Lee, Logan Reynosa, Robert Whetsone, Stella Witze, Paola Ahmadi, Beau Galbraith, Zyston Bright, Yamilet Hernandez, Franco Espinosa-Rios, Brody Chapman, Donovan Torres, Kalani Rodrigues, Molly Gresshoff, Jayden Enos, Lucas Hoppenbrouwers, Braden Spencer, Arya Vyas, Ethan McLaughlin, Jackson Whatley, Melanie Mekeres, Isabella Morales, Natalie Fang, Keely Sellers, Jacob Mosca, Leah Kirchner, Kaylyn Irwin, Ashley Sanchez, Tim Wisely, Emron Moosayar, Blake Roth, Julianna Kellogg, Olivia Teague, Alondra Martinez, Mya Learned, Bailey Peterson, Remy Klotovich, Paisley Vail, Claire Jackson, Ariya Paul, Molly Pham, Savannah Caley, Amaya Baca


May 26

AR Assembly

February 10, 2017

150 Points – Gold Medal

Cameron Caley, Antonio Escalante-Alfaro, Lucas Hoppenbrouwers, Milo Hoppenbrouwers, Claire Jackson, Kevin Kovacs, Sabrina Murray, Harbin Mushiana, Shelby Sanford, Matthew Stahl, J.J. Verceles

100 Points – Silver Medal

Zena Aly, Elham Amiri, Riley Bellmer, Jake Bradley, Cameron Caley, Katana Canright, Claudia Cayado, Cameron Croll, Trevor Crouch, Antonio Escalante-Alfaro, Joshua Graber, Nathan Graber, Alexander Hawkins, Jaiden Hilliard, Lucas Hoppenbrouwers, Brooke Kor, Tyler Lahowe, Ryan Loder, Brenda Loza, Vanessa Javier Martinez, Alondra Martinez, Melanie Mekeres, Sabrina Murray, Harbin Mushiana, Francis Nguyen, Shelby Pagel, Tyrese Quinto, Shelby Sanford, Ocean Stanley, Kendra Steinhorst, Jade Torres, Grant Weber, Donovan Woll

50 Points – Bronze Medal

Isabella Ahmadi, Eberechukwu Aladi, Jayden Altizer, Noor Aly, Zena Aly, Andrew Arante, Alyssa Avila, Riley Batteate, Eli Borgna, Jake Bradley, Tanner Breesch, Adrian Casillas, Claudia Cayado, Connor Chu, Colton Crouch, Trevor Crouch, Kate Ellsworth, Franco Espinosa-Rios, Angel Espinoza, Robyn Fang, Savanna Froke, Madelyn Funk, Sophia Gerochi, Joshua Graber, Nathan Graber, Malik Guenouche, Addyson Gundry, Kaleb Hanby, Alexander Hawkins, Jose Hernandez, Dylan Hessler, Jaiden Hilliard, Lucas Hoppenbrouwers, Janik Horsthraer, Malana Island, Luke W. Jackson, Olivia Lollini, Vanessa Javier Martinez, Isabela Mateo, Natalia McCoy, Gabriela Mekeres, Julia Mekeres, Madison Moore, Shayla Moore, Gregory Newton, Veeda Nezami, Francis Nguyen, James Passmore, Lucia Patrick, Grace Phillips, Juliette Salgado Garcia, Shelby Sanford, Gabrielle Sands, Nicholas Sasso, Yachana Sharda, Maile Silva, Chandler Smoak, Christian Tham, Nathan Thompson, Reagan Vail, Alan Valdes, Sean Valone, Diego Valverde, Hartley Weichert, Jason Wylde, Adrian Zambrano, Sophia Zepeda

25 Points – Certificate

Michael Abreu, Eberechukwu Aladi, Jayden Altizer, Noor Aly, Andrew Arante, Sarah Anne Araya, Amaya Baca, Trevor Baldridge, Katie Bell, Alexander Bergeron, Angelina Bhatia, Katie Bier, Tanner Breesch, Giana Burns, Dominic Calderon, Savannah Caley, Brianna Canning, Jack Canfield, Adrian Casillas, Brody Chapman, Kerigan Coates, Jae Cosgriff, Autumn Cowan, Cooper Cox, Kendall Dao, Kymber Dao, Gavin Day, Mohamad Diah, Hayden Eagan, Yuji Ellisor, Kate Ellsworth, Ryan Emerson, Franco Espinosa-Rios, Angel Espinoza, Robyn Fang, Daniel Friday, Jennifer Friday, Savanna Froke, Juliet Garcia, Sophia Gerochi, Tyler Gorelczenko, Nathan Graber, Madilyn Gresshoff, Malik Guenouche, Jonathan Hahn, Emilio Henthorn, Angel Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Bridgette Hessler, Dylan Hessler, Ava Holzenthal, Janik Horstshraer, Jordyn Houser, Dax Hunter, Malana Island, Cody Jackson, Lauren Johnson, Johnathan LaFountain, Olivia Lollini, Calahan McCoy, Natalia McCoy, Cora Melland, Shayla Moore, Armon Moosayar, Yaritza, Dharamveer Mushiana, Veeda Nezami, Asher Nischke, Chloe Okland, Mason Pappas, Caleb Park, Lucia Patrick, Parker Pompilio, Giselle Quintanilla, Arianna Rodriguez, Cyrus Rodriguez, Vanessa Rosales, Blake Roth, Rebecca Sanchez, Nicholas Sasso, Levi Schmurr, Yachana Sharda, Makenna Smith, Logan Smoak, Sara Speroni, Earl Stacy, Christian Tham, Joshua Tinkham, Donavan Torres, Lucyle Tupper, Kathryn Vail, Paisley Vail, Reagan Vail, Alan Valdes, Sean Valone, Diego Valverde, Iliana Valverde, Claire Jane Verceles, Kyler Wallace, Jackson Whatley, Madison Wingerd, Jason Wylde, Adrian Zambrano


April 21 & May 2

"try Everything"

"Try Everything" performance

Mrs. Lockhart's 4th grade class

Miss Wooten's 1st grade class



Password: croce (all lower-case)



Where to order:   https://croce.picaboo.com/

Orders must be placed by May 5th to be included in bulk shipping to the school.

You still have time to personalize the back cover and the last 4 pages of the yearbook for FREE, but it must be completed and ordered by 5/5.

Any questions, please email leocroceelementary@gmail.com


pta dine out

Rubio's Coastal Grill

April 26         2:00 - 9:00pm


Rubio's flyer

PTA Movie Night

    Croce PTA Presents...

                  Family Movie Night


Friday, April 28th @ 6:30pm in the MPR

Don't forget to bring a blanket or a chair.



                          The Secret Life of PETS

Mrs. Bernal's 2nd grade class

Mrs. Bernal's second grade students are learning about how to collect data, and each student came up with a question for the survey you are about to take. Please help us to get as much data as possible by sharing the survey link with all of your friends and family: https://goo.gl/forms/ieBTGc0bjxm0Uvl02

accelerated Readers


AR Points

        300               300               300              315.9         

   Aurelia                    Nicholas               Madison                Riley

     Correa                     Cheng                   Russ                  Bellmer


     400            454                512.7               540      

        Grace              Sabrina                   Lucas                  Claire

         Jeon               Murray         Hoppenbrouwers      Jackson



   Justin Yeo

Bicycle Safety

Press Release from Livermore Police Department regarding Bicycle Safety.

Bicycle Safety Press Release.pdf

CHEETAH UPDATE cheetah paws.gif

Principal's Message:

“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.”        Winston Churchill

More than 70 years ago, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made this statement.  Recent researchers have confirmed its truth.  A willingness to try, to persevere when something is difficult, is a far better predictor of success than someone’s intelligence.  People, adults and children, who demonstrate a willingness to make multiple attempts and tackle things even when they are difficult are more successful in life.  This trait can be encouraged in children. Studies also show how we praise our children can help them be willing to try more, or to not give up too easily when things are hard.  Examples are:

“I can see you worked very hard to figure that out.”

“I can tell you learned a lot by doing that project.”

“I like how you kept at it and didn’t give up.”

“This was a challenge; I proud that you took it on!”

“It’s ok that you made some mistakes; that’s how we learn.”

Some of the things we praise our children for can actually discourage them from developing perseverance.  Studies showed that when students were told comments that linked their success on a task to how smart they are, they were less likely to keep going when things were hard, or chose the simpler tasks they knew they could complete perfectly.  These less desirable behaviors are also reinforced by comments we make, such as:

“You got an A on that.  You are really smart!”

“You finished that really fast; good job!”

“Wow-no mistakes!  You’re smart at Math.”

All of us want our children to become the best person they can be and develop to their fullest potential.  Over the course of the year, our staff looks at ways we can help all students to expand their intelligence, and to use their intelligence more fully.  We are practicing a “growth mindset”, and have resources for learning activities that increase vocabulary, and provide challenge and rigor for all students.  We embrace the power of “Yet”.  When our children say, “I can’t do that!”, or “I don’t know”, we’ll reframe it to be “You can’t do that yet, but we’ll help you figure it out.” And “You don’t know that yet—but you will.”  All human beings are continually growing, learning, and changing.  At Croce, we will foster a willingness to tackle hard things, to always keep trying.  As our friend Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series always says, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.”  If you would like to learn more, I recommend the following websites.



With children in mind,

Kendra L. Helsley

Campus safety

To help ensure our students’ safety, all exterior gates are closed during school hours.  Once the day has begun, all visitors need to enter campus through the front office.  Gates will be opened again just prior to dismissal times.  Please help us by keeping gates closed.


Parking lot/drop off—a reminder that the back parking circle is for PRESCHOOL DROP-OFF ONLY.  This area must be kept clear for the bus and parent traffic at both arrival and dismissal times.  All TK-5 students must be dropped off in the front parking areas.  Remember, we have valet parking to assist students out of cars near the Kindergarten area.  TK/K students are escorted to their play areas from valet.  Please use the appropriate drop-off areas to keep our students safe.


Thank you for helping to protect our students and minimizing disruption by following these procedures.

Today: 4/27/17



20: PTA Mtg., 7pm

21: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

       AR Award Assembly, 8:45am

24: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

       GATE class, 3-4:15pm

26: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

       ELAC Mtg., 8:45am

       PTA Dine Out @ Rubio's, 2-9pm

27: LVEF Harlem Wizards, 7pm, LHS

28: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

      Spirit Assemblies, 8:35 & 9:25am

      PTA Family Movie Night, 6:30pm

      LVEF Harlem Wizards, 7pm, GHS


1: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

    SSC Mtg., 3pm

3: Fun in the Sun Run, 1:30pm

4: Student Council Mtg., 2:50pm

5: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

8: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

    GATE class, 3-4:15pm

10: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

12: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

     Coffee Corner, 8:40am

15: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

17: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

19: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

     Talent Show, 8:45 & 9:25am

22: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

      GATE class, 3-4:15pm

22-26: Book Fair

24: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

25: Open House

26: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am

      Spirit Assemblies, 8:45 & 9:25am

29: Memorial Day Holiday

31: Running Club, 8:00-8:20am


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Croce Scholarship

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